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We believe that a well-made and thought out piece of equipment is a work of art

We manufacture custom-made equipment for private individuals as well as for companies of all sizes and for all industries around the world. 


We produce one-off pieces as well as larger quantities, and all our products are always manufactured in Australia. Current clients include professional athletes, national and international safety and rescue organisations as well as adventure and expedition services. 

Past production projects include harnesses, dog packs, polar masks, sled and kayak covers, industrial covers, protective cases, ballistic vests, aviation equipment, defence industry proto types, and so much more - you name it, we've made it.


We respect your privacy, hence all projects are carried out in strict confidentiality. 

Give us a call and we'll talk more!



[kuhs-tuh m-meyd], adjective

specially made for a particular person; unique.

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